We’re two moms of kids with ADHD (among other complexities!) and we’ve struggled for years to survive this crazy parenting journey! What’s kept us from losing our minds is the support we’ve found in one another. After years of navigating the unpredictable world of ADHD, we want to help other parents too.

Here you’ll discover a community where parents of ADHD children can find allies and understanding. So come on in, listen to some stories and share yours too. Along the way, we hope you gather some inspiration, resources and insights. We are all in this together!

Our Latest Posts

Just Give Me a Smile

Have you ever had a season in parenting your ADHDer where – somewhere in the constant pushing and pulling to get things started and finished all day every day you notice – your child has lost their spark? They’re sad, maybe discouraged and they’re not even reaching out for help to make sense of itContinue reading “Just Give Me a Smile”

Walking the Tightrope

Any parent of a complex ADHDer knows that in a day’s time you’ll probably feel most of the feels. Overwhelming frustration is common, since – you know – ADHD. Joy and pride will pop up since you’ve made a habit look for the good stuff. There’ll be plenty of exhaustion from keeping things from goingContinue reading “Walking the Tightrope”