Meet Ali and Nor

Ali has a high school senior who was diagnosed with ADHD in first-grade after his teacher recommended testing. Thus began her family’s ADHD journey that included visiting many doctors, trying multiple medications, and exploring various schools. They tried LOTS of things and experienced a slew of ups and downs. It wasn’t until five years into the journey that her son also received an anxiety diagnosis — which finally explained his years of atypical reactions to medications. Six years in their journey, her family experienced the healing that a specialized school community can bring through total knowledge and partnership. And that’s when she met Norrine – the other half of Two Moms and ADHD. Thanks to Norrine, Ali began to feel more comfortable with her own parenting abilities and experienced a very welcome sense of moving forward. She recognizes that her journey may be harder than some given her son’s multiple diagnoses, but she also knows that there isn’t anything run of the mill about ADHD. For every similarity, there can be differences. It’s in those spaces that she often felt removed from others — but it is also in those spaces that she learned to reach out and walk alongside others. It makes all the difference to have support and understanding — and that’s exactly why this site exists.

Nor is a mom of two complex kids who are both neurologically atypical (their diagnoses include autism, mood disorders, ADHD, giftedness, and learning differences). In searching for answers, she found much of traditional parenting advice unhelpful. She spent years trying to find professionals to work with and often felt frustrated when they tried to fit her children into an already-established box. It was her heart’s desire to find a safe place for her children to be themselves and professionals who could give them the support they needed to thrive. Her longing to help children like her own build skills and find understanding led her to start Russell Coaching LLC in 2009. Since that time she has been an academic and life coach for children and teens with ADHD, autism, learning differences, giftedness, and other exceptionalities. At the same time, she worked with students’ parents to support them on their journey. Two Moms and ADHD is not connected with Russell Coaching in any way. Instead, this is a place for Nor to share her story, demystify ADHD treatments, and to support others, parent to parent. A chance to embrace her greatest passion, motherhood.

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