“Just” an ADHD Diagnosis

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Norrine and I have often talked about how beneficial it would’ve been to have known other parents with complex ADHDers as we’ve been on this parenting journey. Neither of us had the benefit of heartfelt and telling conversations with other parents who’d traveled before us. There’s much that can be learned from another’s story. At the very least, it can remind us we’re not alone. On some days, that would’ve been more than enough.

Nor’s Story: Never Have I Ever (Been So Tired)

I’m at a loss as to how to begin talking with you about this. It takes me back to the beginning of our story, which quite frankly is only encoded in my mind in fuzzy snapshots and distant memories. From the beginning, our son was a high-needs baby. He came out of the womb as a fussy baby. As if that wasn’t enough for first-time parents, he rapidly developed an extremely severe case of eczema which then activated severe food allergies. 

By age one, it was obvious to me that this wasn’t typical development. He was hyperlexic, hyperactive, and hypersensitive. This was also the first time I heard from someone, “Oh he’s just a boy” which started my spiral of self-doubt as a mom. “Why was this so hard for ME if he’s just a regular boy?” Friends, when I say listen to your own self, it’s because external affirmation has escaped me but self-doubt has plagued me. 

Our first diagnosis was sensory issues at age two. If someone had handed me the manual of complex ADHDers at this point, they would have done so with a knowing look about what that usually portends, a long hug, and told me to listen to myself and to my child.  

Our second diagnosis was ADHD at four years and two months old. Our son busted through the doctor’s office door, climbed over the reception desk and ran down the hall. We did testing, but it was clear. The doctor said all of his symptoms fell into the ADHD realm. The boy had ADHD. It made us tired.

Join us all week on the blog as we unfold our diagnosis stories. Sometimes it’s not easy to think back and recall it all – but it’s worth it to us to share it with you. We invite you to share your stories too. If you haven’t already, join our Two Moms and ADHD private page today. It’s the perfect place to share and you never know who your words may help or whose words may help you.

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