Resources We’ve Found Helpful

You may know we both live in Florida. We’ve both had our kids seen by April Green, ARNP, and we wish services like this were available to everyone because the level of care is extraordinary! Focus of Tampa Bay offers comprehensive ADHD evaluations & treatment for children, adolescents, and young adults, as well as adult ADHD evaluations. But you know what they really do?  They live and breathe ADHD and won’t stop until treatment really is working.  Treating ADHD and ADHD+ isn’t a job for them, it’s a calling. They transform lives.

Now, if you’re one of our friends who lives outside Tampa Bay, we suggest:

  1. Search out providers who specialize in kids with ADHD/ADHD+ and enjoy treating them. 
  2. Find clinics that treat a lot of kids with ADHD/ADHD+ but haven’t lost their personal touch.  
  3. Keeping up with all the latest drug formulations is important because the solutions aren’t always so simple. You KNOW that!
  4. If it doesn’t feel like the right place in your gut, sit and think about why. Is it because you’re tired and raw or because the doctor really isn’t a good fit?  
  5. Don’t forget that if the clinic doesn’t take insurance, you can submit for out of network benefits, which often cover 60-70% of the fees.

Two Moms and ADHD is not compensated by any entities mentioned. 

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