Not Our First Rodeo

The start of a new school year brings a certain showdown for parents of complex ADHD+ers. Years of wrangling issues before they have a chance to get too far off and roping off boundaries so your student is understood makes you all the more prepared for the next roundup. And it’ll be coming. Before you know it, the years of practice make you a bonafide professional and you may just ride off victorious into the sunset. At least that’s what we all hope for.

Ali’s Story: I’ve been here before. The eve of teacher meetings before start of school. It’s a moment of great possibility where hopes are still achievable. After twelve years of lassoing the same targets at these meetings, I also know some less desirable outcomes are likely. I’ve learned to expect both and know we will all survive.

Despite my experience, I still get nervous. I carefully craft my message. Practice my delivery. Pray hard over my words and more so my heart. Of course I called Norrine for a pep talk. Touched base with our tutor to get her thoughts. Everything points to the very same target – share my ADHDer’s heart so they can see the kid behind the false bravado. Paint a picture of who he is and how he thinks. More than anything, remind his teachers we are on the very same team. I have to remind myself too – because after all these years I know one thing. If we are going to have a good school year it’s because we all worked together to make it happen.

Nor’s Story: It’s not our first rodeo but this year doesn’t feel like the World Rodeo Championships!  Generally, I start each school year with a burst of both positive energy and nightmare-inducing anxiety levels.  This year feels different, more like a small local rodeo I’ve been to before, and I’m not sure why.

Oddly, the pandemic has granted me an overall serenity that helps. Or maybe it’s that both kids are returning to the same school they were at the previous year for the first time since we started Kindergarten?  Or maybe because it’s not a transition year?  In any case, my usual on-edge nerves and high blood pressure are thankful, as is my heart and soul.  This might be what it feels like to have non-complex kids starting school. 

How do you prepare for the start of school? Are you feeling anxious or confident this year? Maybe you’re a little of both as you navigate this unusual 2020 start to school. We are resigned to be optimistic, so we’re waving our pom poms and cheering you on!

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