You’re the Expert Here

Ever felt like you had absolutely no idea what to do next with your child? Surely the answers would be made clear at the next doctor’s appointment. Or in the upcoming test results. Maybe they’d be in that book you’d ordered.

The reality is that as we look at the face of our very own child, ADHD symptoms can make them a mystery. That can leave us feeling disconnected and discouraged in our parenting – looking everywhere else for answers.

It’s important to find “your team” of professionals and support because parenting an ADHDer will definitely require you to become knowledgeable about its many facets. But the most important thing to remember is that NOBODY LOVES YOUR KID MORE THAN YOU DO. That makes you an expert. Only you know what makes their heartbeat, what brings them joy, and what it looks like when they’re truly thriving.

You were picked for exactly this job and you can do this.

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