Just Give Me a Smile

Have you ever had a season in parenting your ADHDer where – somewhere in the constant pushing and pulling to get things started and finished all day every day you notice – your child has lost their spark? They’re sad, maybe discouraged and they’re not even reaching out for help to make sense of itContinue reading “Just Give Me a Smile”

Walking the Tightrope

Any parent of a complex ADHDer knows that in a day’s time you’ll probably feel most of the feels. Overwhelming frustration is common, since – you know – ADHD. Joy and pride will pop up since you’ve made a habit look for the good stuff. There’ll be plenty of exhaustion from keeping things from goingContinue reading “Walking the Tightrope”

Measuring Progress

It’s only now, in the twelfth grade, that I can say meds are truly making a difference for my ADHD+er. For many, the very first try gives some wonderful relief and ability. For others, it takes some time. For us, it’s taken a lot more. We’re finally at a place where symptoms are managed soContinue reading “Measuring Progress”

Resources We’ve Found Helpful

Kids in the Syndrome Mix, by Martin L. Kutscher, MD We see you, parents of complex ADHDers. We’ve got you covered on this one.  Here you go, we would give you our copy if we could. The all-in-one guide covers the whole range of often co-existing neurodevelopmental disorders in children. This is THE book forContinue reading “Resources We’ve Found Helpful”

Resources We’ve Found Helpful

For those of you (geeks) who love a good source of in-depth information, this is an awesome resource! The Child Mind Institute is an independent, national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders. We’ve found the information under “Topics A-Z” useful as well as theContinue reading “Resources We’ve Found Helpful”

Resources We’ve Found Helpful

This is truly a phenomenal all-in-one resource. ADDitude is a website and on-line magazine (you can also order print versions) for parents, ADHD adults and professionals that offers everything from ADHD self tests to clinical analysis for physicians. You’ll find a wealth of information here for every stage in your journey and we love thatContinue reading “Resources We’ve Found Helpful”

Resources We’ve Found Helpful

Ryan Wexelblatt delivers a phenomenal approach to tackling ADHD-related challenges like executive functioning, emotional regulation and lagging social skills. He is incredibly relatable and practical in his instruction, which is a breath of fresh air, but he also uniquely provides insight into the male ADHD brain. Boys communicate differently and Ryan addresses this really well.Continue reading “Resources We’ve Found Helpful”

How To Best Support the Parents of ADHDers In Your Life

ADHD can deeply affect relationships with family and friends.  But when handled with care, it’s an opportunity to make something beautiful. Here are some reflections from Two Moms for family and friends of parents of ADHDers… Take it upon yourself to EDUCATE YOURSELF.  If your grandchild, niece, nephew, best friend’s child has ADHD, ask yourContinue reading “How To Best Support the Parents of ADHDers In Your Life”

Family Dynamics and ADHD: EXTENDED FAMILY

Having extended family can be a lifesaver.  Nothing negates the blessing of extra helping hands and hearts to make a difference for you and your kid.  Unless you count them second guessing the use of meds or questioning the very existence of ADHD . Maybe you’ve learned to navigate these minefields. Or maybe you don’tContinue reading “Family Dynamics and ADHD: EXTENDED FAMILY”

Family Dynamics: SIBLINGS

One of the most exciting parts of starting a family is dreaming what it will be like.  Who will the kids look like?  What will their passions be?  Will they be each other’s best friend?  We each have hopes and expectations as we wonder about those family dynamics.  The addition of an ADHDer can changeContinue reading “Family Dynamics: SIBLINGS”