Just Give Me a Smile

Have you ever had a season in parenting your ADHDer where – somewhere in the constant pushing and pulling to get things started and finished all day every day you notice – your child has lost their spark? They’re sad, maybe discouraged and they’re not even reaching out for help to make sense of it all. Seeing your child lose their joy is by far one of the greatest hurts a parent can have. It can also give us some needed perspective on what’s important.

In our home we’ve been navigating through a really tough time. Med changes at the start of the school year sent everything off the rails. Our ADHDer was not himself in ANY way and he was completely disengaged and hurting. All the school deadlines and senior check lists went quickly to the waste side. The very tasks that had become the centerpiece of our every day and every conversation became meaningless. Connecting with and understanding our son was all that mattered. We’d given anything just to see him genuinely smile and feel joy.

It’s been a really hard time. I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience it, yet I know that if you’re parenting an ADHDer you’ve probably been here at some time. Norrine has said to me for years “The most important thing you can work on is bonding with your kid.” Her words have never been truer. There is truly nothing worth more than a strong connection with our children and seeing them experiencing life with joy.

Norrine and I have both been navigating through expected tough seasons with our children. We hope it’s been a better start to the school year for you – we’d love to hear how you’re doing. We’re cheering you on.

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