Walking the Tightrope

Any parent of a complex ADHDer knows that in a day’s time you’ll probably feel most of the feels. Overwhelming frustration is common, since – you know – ADHD. Joy and pride will pop up since you’ve made a habit look for the good stuff. There’ll be plenty of exhaustion from keeping things from going off the rails. Don’t forget the trepidation as meds wear off and witching hours brew. It’s an all hands on deck non-stop job that’s continually managed while we go about a regular day day. But what about the OTHER days. The ones with the BIG FEELS – like when we’re left wondering “are they going to make it” and “is it always going to be this hard”? There are tough seasons when things just aren’t going well and our kid isn’t thriving and we’re left wondering “how is all of this really going to turn out?”

Norrine and I have been stuck in this mode for the last handful of weeks or so as we’re each experiencing set backs with our kids. While our circumstances are different there are plenty of similarities. It’s hard. It’s troubling. And we both find that in the moment – when the avalanche of reality is hitting hard and every emotion is swirling – all of it gets absorbed. Our racing minds and wondering hearts are hidden in the light of day. They’re overshadowed by care giving and picking up the pieces. It takes so much sometimes to just take the next step that falling apart is just not an option. We can’t let ourselves feel everything we’re actually feeling or let our minds wonder everything we’re actually wondering because we know THAT IS QUICKSAND AND WE WILL BE EATEN ALIVE IF WE DON’T JUST MOVE FORWARD.

And so we walk the tightrope, balancing feeling all the feelings and boldly moving ahead. Don’t look down. Don’t look around. Just one step ahead after the other. It’s survival. The reality is whether it’s a regular day or our hardest season yet – we’re all on a tightrope. It’s a constant balancing act for us all – weighing the what if’s and the moving forward.

We want to remind you you’re not alone out there hovering hundreds of feet above the ground on your tightrope. We’re all out here together. It’s not easy but we can make it. Just one step at a time.

We’re cheering you on.

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