Be The Best YOU

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It’s in the quiet moments of summer that it hits me. My brain plays a highlight reel of the stress and drama of the school year: the near expulsion, constant teacher complaints, endless advocating and daily notifications of missed or failed assignments. Nine months of non-stop cortisol pumping through my veins leaves me scratching my head in June wondering if we really survived. While this is not every ADHDer mom’s story, maybe some complex ADHDer’s moms can relate.  

For some, school is just tough. A lack of motivation, school anxiety, trouble making friends or lagging socially is hard – it’s even tougher when all are true!  Addressing these needs is an important part of parenting. But just like a nursing mother must stay healthy to feed her baby well, parents must practice self care to ensure they’re fit to parent well. It takes less effort than you’d think and once it becomes a habit you’ll wonder how you survived without it.

ASSESS HOW YOU’RE FEELING. Operating in constant stress can require burying emotions. Decompress by taking quiet moments to process your day. Acknowledge your feelings – this allows moving forward in a healthy way.  

REMEMBER WHAT FUELS YOU. Yes you!  Is it yoga? Reading? Time alone to sip a coffee?  Water cannot come from a dry well. Take time for yourself every day. It’s not a luxury – it’s a necessity. You need this to feel human!

STAY CONNECTED. Social media is an imposter. Everyone needs some face time – or at least phone time – to feel connected and engaged in life with others.

GET PERSPECTIVE. Sometimes we can get too close to the task and lose sight of the job.  Step back, look at the person your kid is becoming. Chart progress. Be in the moment and just enjoy them!

Parenting is hard. Parenting a complex ADHDer can actually alter you. Take care of yourself so you don’t lose yourself. Then you can offer your best “you” to your child.

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