Rest For a Bit, My Child

“You should take a nap,” my husband says.  Frankly, I don’t like when people talk about self-care, getting a break, and resting.  I feel like it’s absurd.  Ali has taught me to see how and where I am able to practice self-care and for that I’m grateful.  Ali’s right when she says all these thingsContinue reading “Rest For a Bit, My Child”

EMOTIONS: Keep a Lid On It

Managing the day to day of a complex ADHDer has challenges. Most of our time is spent corralling the rollercoaster of emotions they experience and pointing them in the the right direction as a gentle reminder to keep them on task . It requires a smooth and steady temperament on our part – keeping ourContinue reading “EMOTIONS: Keep a Lid On It”

Self Care Anyone?

Since March, most families have been enjoying the comforts of home. Together. Twenty four hours a day. Seven days a week. There are definite benefits we’ve all enjoyed due to this unexpected hiatus from life as we knew it. But most of us would probably also agree that any semblance of time alone or selfContinue reading “Self Care Anyone?”

Be The Best YOU

It’s in the quiet moments of summer that it hits me. My brain plays a highlight reel of the stress and drama of the school year: the near expulsion, constant teacher complaints, endless advocating and daily notifications of missed or failed assignments. Nine months of non-stop cortisol pumping through my veins leaves me scratching myContinue reading “Be The Best YOU”

Making Strides to Make Us Whole

Victory happened in this shower stall this morning. An actual feat of epic proportions. And the more I think about it, the more mind blowing it is to me. Norrine sent me this picture then called me first thing this morning in a hushed but excited tone: “Guess how long I took in the showerContinue reading “Making Strides to Make Us Whole”

Backpedaling to Find Yourself

Getting out on my bike is something I absolutely love to do. It’s one of the only times I’m ever truly alone, thinking full, uninterrupted thoughts. There’s something about the correlation of pushing harder and flying faster through the air that fuels me. I’ve never really admitted this to anyone, because it’s pretty weird andContinue reading “Backpedaling to Find Yourself”