Resources We’ve Found Helpful

Ryan Wexelblatt delivers a phenomenal approach to tackling ADHD-related challenges like executive functioning, emotional regulation and lagging social skills. He is incredibly relatable and practical in his instruction, which is a breath of fresh air, but he also uniquely provides insight into the male ADHD brain. Boys communicate differently and Ryan addresses this really well. His webinar series on executive functioning is immensely helpful!

You can join his private Facebook group ADHD Dude Facebook group and subscribe to his YouTube channel to catch all of his latest content. Look for the “Dude Talk” playlist on his YouTube channel for videos specifically made for kids. He is also a contributor to ADDitude Magazine where he has recently started a new section ADHD in Boys providing weekly videos on ADHD-related topics in boys and young male adults.

Two Moms and ADHD is not compensated by nor affiliated with any entities mentioned.

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