Looking for Friends in all the Right Places

What a great feeling it is to see your child doing life with friends. Seeing them accepted and valued by others and knowing they have someone to explore life and share themselves with is an invaluable gift for them and us. We know there are just certain parts of life meant to be shared with a friend – not a parent.

These truths can weigh heavy on our hearts. Maybe they’ve always had trouble making friends or maybe it’s a new stage – either way it’s glaring when our ADHDer is lonely. It can feel scary for us parents and it probably does for them too.

If you’ve experienced this challenge you may have considered helping to fill the gap? We already orchestrate much of our children’s lives from what they eat, where they go and what they participate in. Why not help find them a friend? While organic friendships are best, there’s nothing wrong with exposing our ADHDers to possible new friends to see if anything sprouts.

We’ve found that using your child’s interests is the best start. The library has activities from LEGOS to creative writing for all ages and interests including teens. Check for events in your community, think about your church’s programs, and consider siblings of your other children’s friends. Possible matches could be lurking anywhere.

You also may have activities in your weekly family schedule with possible new friends. Ever notice the extra kids hanging around at sports practices while they wait on siblings?

Friendship is one of life’s great gifts. We know this and we desperately want this for our ADHDers. Don’t be afraid to talk about this openly if your child seems lonely. Making sure to love them exactly where they are can make all the difference.

Hello Summer, Hello Reader!

Here we are at the glorious dawn of summer! Yeah – we made it! Before we dive into what our summers will look like and how we plan to spend this precious time – let’s take a step back.

When you think about the beginning of your journey in parenting an ADHD child, what stands out to you? What do you wish would’ve been different? What are some things you would have liked to know but the information was never shared?

We know kids don’t come with a manual – but who knew the same was true for an ADHD diagnosis? We’re here because we’ve found that sometimes most useful information is uncovered in a simple conversation with another parent who understands.

Our goal is to start that conversation and we’re so glad you’re here.

You’re the Expert Here

Ever felt like you had absolutely no idea what to do next with your child? Surely the answers would be made clear at the next doctor’s appointment. Or in the upcoming test results. Maybe they’d be in that book you’d ordered.

The reality is that as we look at the face of our very own child, ADHD symptoms can make them a mystery. That can leave us feeling disconnected and discouraged in our parenting – looking everywhere else for answers.

It’s important to find “your team” of professionals and support because parenting an ADHDer will definitely require you to become knowledgeable about its many facets. But the most important thing to remember is that NOBODY LOVES YOUR KID MORE THAN YOU DO. That makes you an expert. Only you know what makes their heartbeat, what brings them joy, and what it looks like when they’re truly thriving.

You were picked for exactly this job and you can do this.