BACK TO SCHOOL DECISIONS: The Right School Has To Feel Safe

As parents of ADHDers we have all learned that we cannot get through to our kids when they are in crisis. Big emotions, let downs or negative perceptions – whether real or unfounded, are just some of the instances when there is no use trying to reason because they just won’t hear us through theContinue reading “BACK TO SCHOOL DECISIONS: The Right School Has To Feel Safe”

BACK TO SCHOOL DECISIONS: The Right School Has The Right People.

Lofty ideas printed on paper only become reality in the act of doing. It’s people that put action to great ideas and that’s when magic can happen, lives can be changed and possibilities become endless. This is true for any organization, and especially so for school who help form a child’s view of the world and of themselves.

BACK TO SCHOOL DECISIONS: The Right Philosophy and the Right Services

When it comes to finding “the right school for right now” one thing we’ve found to be true is that means the school has the right philosophy and services to meet our complex ADHDers needs. But it doesn’t stop there because when a school works comprehensively to REALLY EDUCATE a student, they don’t just meet their needs – they stretch and grow students to reach their POTENTIAL.

BACK TO SCHOOL DECISIONS: Right for Now is not Right Forever

Last year at the very start of school Norrine and I met up after dropping our kids off.  We were both thrilled and surprised to find that each of us were uncharacteristically optimistic about the school year for our complex ADHDers.  “This could be our year!” we both exclaimed as we shared our laundry listsContinue reading “BACK TO SCHOOL DECISIONS: Right for Now is not Right Forever”

Resources We’ve Found Helpful

You may know we both live in Florida. We’ve both had our kids seen by April Green, ARNP, and we wish services like this were available to everyone because the level of care is extraordinary! Focus of Tampa Bay offers comprehensive ADHD evaluations & treatment for children, adolescents, and young adults, as well as adultContinue reading “Resources We’ve Found Helpful”

Resources We’ve Found Helpful

Kids in the Syndrome Mix, by Martin L. Kutscher, MD We see you, parents of complex ADHDers. We’ve got you covered on this one.  Here you go, we would give you our copy if we could. The all-in-one guide covers the whole range of often co-existing neurodevelopmental disorders in children. This is THE book forContinue reading “Resources We’ve Found Helpful”

Resources We’ve Found Helpful

For those of you (geeks) who love a good source of in-depth information, this is an awesome resource! The Child Mind Institute is an independent, national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders. We’ve found the information under “Topics A-Z” useful as well as theContinue reading “Resources We’ve Found Helpful”

Resources We’ve Found Helpful

This is truly a phenomenal all-in-one resource. ADDitude is a website and on-line magazine (you can also order print versions) for parents, ADHD adults and professionals that offers everything from ADHD self tests to clinical analysis for physicians. You’ll find a wealth of information here for every stage in your journey and we love thatContinue reading “Resources We’ve Found Helpful”

Resources We’ve Found Helpful

Ryan Wexelblatt delivers a phenomenal approach to tackling ADHD-related challenges like executive functioning, emotional regulation and lagging social skills. He is incredibly relatable and practical in his instruction, which is a breath of fresh air, but he also uniquely provides insight into the male ADHD brain. Boys communicate differently and Ryan addresses this really well.Continue reading “Resources We’ve Found Helpful”

“Just” an ADHD Diagnosis (part five)

Norrine and I have often talked about how beneficial it would’ve been to have known other parents with complex ADHDers as we’ve been on this parenting journey. Neither of us had the benefit of heartfelt and telling conversations with other parents who’d traveled before us. There’s much that can be learned from another’s story. AtContinue reading ““Just” an ADHD Diagnosis (part five)”