Find Your Own Greatness

ADHD and sports seem tailor-made to go together. We all know that middle schooler who is never focused in school but on the field, she looks more alive than anyone else. We’ve seen the teen who drags himself to school late and without having homework done but races to practice–and even remembers his equipment! SportsContinue reading “Find Your Own Greatness”

Playing Isn’t About Winning

When I was in graduate school, a bunch of us got together to play in a city recreation volleyball league. I went because my roommate was going. I’d never played a sport successfully in my life. I was awkward, chubby, lost in my own thoughts, and not particularly motivated by any physical activity, much lessContinue reading “Playing Isn’t About Winning”

Finding Silver Linings in the Setbacks

There may be a stretch of time when your ADHDer seemingly abandons friendships. The very things they most enjoyed now spark no interest. An overall avoidance of social situations takes over and the abundance of time they spend alone has you worried and confused. We know that sinking feeling. The one where you go fromContinue reading “Finding Silver Linings in the Setbacks”

Looking for Friends in all the Right Places

What a great feeling it is to see your child doing life with friends. Seeing them accepted and valued by others and knowing they have someone to explore life and share themselves with is an invaluable gift for them and us. We know there are just certain parts of life meant to be shared withContinue reading “Looking for Friends in all the Right Places”